Teeth Whitening

Would you like a whiter smile?

Whether you’re looking to combat severe discolouration or want to achieve the perfect celebrity smile, tooth whitening is the safest and most cost effective solution. It is also commonly used as part of restorative treatments to improve the overall appearance and health of your smile.

As well as offering long lasting results, treatment options are both minimally invasive and practical. With products such as White Dental Beauty’s 6% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel now available, teeth can be whitened from as little as 30 minutes a day.

White Dental Beauty have four whitening systems, each powered by an intelligent compound which promises safe yet effective whitening results. For help choosing the most appropriate bleaching strength, discuss the options with your dentist.

  • Visible results in less than 1 week
  • Choices of strength including a mild version
  • Stabilised pH that is kind to the tooth’s enamel
  • Contains potassium fluoride to help manage sensitivity
  • Optimal water content minimises sensitivity
  • Mint flavour for a fresh, clean taste
Offering affordably priced teeth whitening is important to us, as is providing the highest quality dentistry with highly qualified team members. Your dental treatment will always be carried out by a GDC registered professional, as per the regulatory requirements in the UK.We offer an initial dental health check, these are paid for assessments but they are no obligation consultations. Completing the form below is a good way to contact us or book online here.
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