Replace all my teeth

Replacement of all your teeth with dental implants

✔ Friendly, competent and supportive team
 Best implants and products available on the market to ensure long-term success
✔ Pain free
✔ Excellent support and follow-up by treatment team
✔ Provision of complimentary hygiene products for implant maintenance
 10% off future implant maintenance such as hygienist appointments
 We take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy the process

Eat & Chew Properly Again With Fixed Implant Dentures!

  • Do you have a loose denture that bothers you and restricts what you can eat?
  • Is it difficult for you to eat and speak like you used to ?
Dentures can be fixed permanently with dental implants to locate your dentures onto. A full upper or lower jaw of beautiful teeth can be yours using only 4 implants in the lower jaw and 6 in the upper jaw. The concept is cost effective and ideal for those who have suffered from tooth loss and want fixed teeth as it uses only four dental implants to support a full arch of fixed teeth.


Using 4 implants to fix dentures permanently is great if you:

  • Have loose dentures that affect your quality of life
  • Have suffered loss of jawbone due to the loss of teeth
  • Have failing crowns and bridges along with very loose teeth that need removing
  • Have been told that you do not have enough bone for dental implants

You may be suitable for fixed denture treatment if you:

  • Want a cost effective solution for a full mouth of teeth
  • Want to eat the foods you used to before such as apples or nuts
  • Want a predictable solution

Take our free implants suitability check and find out:

  • If you are suitable for dental implants.
  • How much implants might cost.
  • What procedure might be for you.

The suitability check takes approximately 2 minutes to complete and you do not have to give your personal details to use this facility.


Free Information Pack

Download a free information pack and find out:

  • The costs and lowest price alternatives
  • Your options and choices for treatment
  • Are you suitable for treatment?
  • Can dental implants be used as an alternative to root canal treatment?
  • What happens if you smoke?
  • How many implants might you need?
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