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I am extremely pleased with my dental work. Treatment options were clearly explained, including advantages and disadvantages, and the work was carried out in a friendly, engaging manner. Additionally, the practice made special efforts to complete my course of treatment before social distancing restrictions came into effect. This made a very big difference to me and I am very grateful.

Geoff in Cambridge

I have been attending Newham Dental for the past 7 years and have always been happy with the service I receive and the friendliness of the staff!​

Jeff Poe

Highly professional service, excellent quality of care with attention to detail I've rarely come across elsewhere. Whatever your dental problems, I highly recommend Drs Stefan and Milisha, you will not be disappointed!​

John Cutajar

Excellent Clinic staff very helpful. Dr Milisha and Dr Stefan did a great job. Highly recommended.​

Paul Smith

Excellent Clinic staff very helpful. Dr Milisha and Dr Stefan did a great job. Highly recommended.​

Mrs Mandy Barker

Excellent Clinic staff very helpful. Dr Milisha and Dr Stefan did a great job. Highly recommended.​

David Staveley

Dear Milisha. Thank you so much for all your professional care and attention to my implants. I am very pleased with the outcome and it was a great reassurance to know you were always available to respond quickly to any issue or concern during the treatment period. I have had many dentists but your patient care stands out.​

Michael Clayton

Hi Milisha,I’m emailing you now as I’m about to go out till late. All seems absolutely fine thank you except every so often, I think I’ve left my denture out and panic about my gaps – gawd……there’s no pleasing some people!!! Best wishes and thanks again. I’m a new woman *:)


“Our daughter, 12, has just completed her orthodontic treatment with Dr Abela and the result is a perfect smile. Dr Abela was painstaking, patient and professional in his treatment and took great pains to ensure that every tooth was correctly positioned. The treatment lasted the exact length of time that we were told it would at the outset.”

Emma Reeve

“Dr Milisha was absolutely wonderful – very friendly and extremely professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.”​

Jeevan Riyait

Dr. Stefan has fixed my teeth to perfection! Very professional, humble and understanding. My teeth were shifted all to the right and weren’t straight, but now they are all in line and even

Amanda Brincat

Well done Dr Stefan for the excellent job.Had my front tooth fixed in only four months using invisalign braces.​

Sarah Laspina

Having experienced Dr Chotai as my dentist over the previous two years, I had total confidence in her advice when she outlined the various alternative treatments available to me, following two adjacent extractions. Those options being “do nothing”, consider a bridge, consider a traditional denture or to give some thought to having implant surgery. Following the initial consultation, I read and re-read some additional information and gave the matter several weeks of careful thought, concluding that the implant route was the most advantageous long term option. I am delighted that I made that decision. I cannot praise enough the professional skill experienced throughout the treatment, the reassuring and brilliant teamwork engendered between dentist and dental nurses, together Dr Chotai’s ability to communicate succinctly and clearly. The post-procedure care experienced has been equally superb. In short, for anyone considering implant dental treatment, I highly recommend Dr Chotai.​

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