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Replacement of a single tooth

A single dental implant is a non-invasive option when replacing a single missing tooth. Unlike dental bridges, this treatment does not involve the teeth adjacent to the gap. The final implant borne tooth will look, feel and function like a real tooth.

Replacement of multiple missing teeth

Multiple teeth can be replaced with an implant supported bridge. 2 implants can sometimes be used to replace three missing teeth. Your implant dentist will be able to tell you how many implants you need to replace your missing teeth.

Dental implants to retain dentures

Dental implants can also be used to retain a denture, if implants are used in this manner we will typically use 4 implants.

Dental implants can also be used to retain loose dentures.

Additional dental implant procedures

The purpose of additional procedures is to ensure that the implants are placed in optimal conditions. Most of these procedures are aimed at increase bone volume at the future implant site. This ensure predictable and optimal treatment outcomes.

Same-Day Smiles

If you have multiple missing teeth and may be possible to replace all of them with 4 dental implants in the same day. This means you attend the practice in the morning, have any remaining teeth extracted, dental implant is placed and then leave at the end of the day with a fixed bridge or denture. This is subject to clinical assessment.


Fees vary depending on the individual situation. A full estimate will be given to you prior to undertaking dental treatment. Multiple payment options are in place to accommodate you.

Meet your implant dentist

Dr Milisha Chotai has achieved a masters of science degree in dental implantology from the university of Bristol, for which she was awarded with a distinction. She has attended numerous courses around the world and trained by leading experts within the field of dental implantology.

Milisha has been a fantastic support through extensive treatment and her skill and attention to detail has been very impressive. I would encourage any person contemplating implants to contact her, I cannot recommend highly enough.

David Staveley

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