You will almost certainly need to see the hygienist

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With redness or puffiness of the gums or with bleeding during cleaning it could indicate that you have early gingivitis. If left unchecked gingivitis can proceed to the more serious periodontitis. With dental implants gingivitis can also lead to peri-implantitis, this could ultimately mean failure of the dental implant itself.

It could be that you may need to see the hygienist for a period of time before we went ahead with dental implants, it sounds as though you may need a slightly extended hygiene treatment plan prior to going ahead with implants, just so you know this could extend implant treatment by about 3 months whilst you worked with our hygienist to get your teeth in tiptop condition.

This next question is about the cost of dental implants, we strive to make dental implants as affordable as possible and offer a range of options, this is a difficult question however we need to ask it in order that we can guide you to the best option for you, please answer as honestly as you can

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