Ceramic Braces

A revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials, and innovative thought –  Ceramic Braces utilize special white wires to gently straighten and align teeth. The whole system is extremely discreet.

Ceramic braces are equally suitable for adults as well as children.

before ceramic braces
Before braces

After ceramic braces
After ceramic braces


Common Questions about Ceramic Braces

Why choose ceramic braces?

  • Straighter teeth often in just six months
  • Discomfort is minimal due to the gentle repositioning of the teeth
  • Discrete, wires and brackets are white (tooth coloured)

“Our daughter, 12, has just completed her orthodontic treatment with Dr Abela and the result is a perfect smile. Dr Abela was painstaking, patient and professional in his treatment and took great pains to ensure that every tooth was correctly positioned. The treatment lasted the exact length of time that we were told it would at the outset.”

Emma Reeve

Why choose a specialist orthodontist?

Ely dentist Dr Stefan Abela
Dr Stefan Abela Specialist orthodontist BChD, MFDS, RCS Eng, MSc, MORTH RCS Ed, AHEA, FDS Orth RCS Ed

A general dentist provides lots of different dental treatments, such as check-ups, fillings, hygienist appointments and teeth whitening. A specialist orthodontist, on the other hand is dedicated to only providing orthodontic treatments.

This gives you the following benefits:


Because you will see the same specialist orthodontist every time, Dr Stefan Abela, you know you will have a reliable treatment every single time.


Dr Abela is a fully qualified dentist who has also undertaken an additional Masters degree in orthodontics. He is a Consultant in Orthodontics at one of the most prestigious London teaching hospitals; Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust.

Verify Dr Abela’s credentials


Stefan has also carried out research in multiple areas in orthodontics and is an active contributor to international research. He is currently heavily involved in the supervision and teaching of dental surgeons training to become specialists in addition to general dental and orthodontic nurses.

Stefan is also an active member of the British Orthodontic Society, the World Federation of Orthodontics, the American Association of Orthodontics, the European Orthodontics Society, and The Higher Education Academy


Simply take a look at the cases we have undertaken at our practice and reviews some of the glowing testimonials our patients have left, you will know that you will leave reassured of receiving only the highest quality treatment.


As a specialist orthodontist Stefan has the widest knowledge and range of treatments available to you, this means you can select the best treatment for your budget, outcomes and lifestyle.

Dr. Stefan has fixed my teeth to perfection! Very professional, humble and understanding. My teeth were shifted all to the right and weren’t straight, but now they are all in line and even.

Amanda Brincat

Before orthodontic braces

After orthodontic braces

Private vs NHS Orthodontics - what's the difference?

NHS or private orthodonticsChoice is the biggest reason anyone would choose private dentistry over the NHS

  • Not all treatments are available on the NHS
  • Private appointments are available more frequently and a more convenient times
  • Private treatments allow you to start treatment as soon as you like without waiting on long waiting lists
  • Private orthodontics gives your orthodontist complete freedom to choose the best orthodontic brace for you without NHS funding restrictions
  • Appointment times or longer giving you more time to discuss your treatment at a more relaxed pace
  • NHS treatments can only be functional where as Private treatments can correct cosmetic problems as well
  • The government imposes restrictions on the amount of NHS work that each practice can undertake according to their contract, when NHS funding is gone, it’s gone!
  • Private treatment gives you access to specialists who choose not to work within the NHS system
  • Private dental practices usually have more resources within the practice to fund higher quality and more up-to-date equipment

How the treatment works

How to get started - Consultation

The initial consultation is your first step towards improving your smile. You’ll be able to see a portfolio of patients that have had similar treatments  to give you a feel for achievable results. Dr Abela will take a full history and listen to how you would like to change your smile. He will take the time to discuss any specific concerns that you have and listen carefully to what you are hoping to achieve.

This will allow him to plan your goals of treatment together.  A full written treatment plan will be provided along with likely timescales, fees and finance options. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this stage.

Well done Dr Stefan for the excellent job.Had my front tooth fixed in only four months using invisalign braces.

Sarah Laspina

Orthodontic Records and Planning


When you are ready to start treatment, a series of records are taken including photos, x-rays and impressions of your teeth. The treatment will then be planned and a timeframe estimated.

You or your child will have everything explained regarding:

  1. What’s involved
  2. What the risks might be
  3. What your role will be in the treatment
  4. The importance of patient compliance in achieving the required results
  5. How we will support you throughout treatment
  6. How often you will need to attend
  7. What the exact cost will be

Braces Fitting Appointment

Once you have consented to treatment, the ceramaic aesthetic white brackets are bonded to your teeth using a special adhesive. Then hi-tech flexible white coated archwires are attached to the brackets. These wires will generate gentle forces that will start to gradually move your teeth into position.

Full instructions on brace care, diet and oral hygiene will be given. You will be able to ask any questions you have. Then you will book your first adjustment appointment usually about four weeks later.

Brace Adjustment Appointments

The adjustment appointments are usually 30 minutes long every 4-6 weeks until your teeth are fully aligned. At these appointments, space is created to allow movement and the archwires are replaced to generate appropriate tooth movements. Once you are happy with the results, impressions are taken to create a custom retainer.

Braces Removal

At this appointment, your white braces are quickly and gently removed with a specially designed instrument. Your teeth are then cleaned and polished to leave a smooth surface. Your retainers are also fitted at this appointment to prevent relapse. Photos and final impressions are taken to record the final result. Full aftercare instructions are given and a retainer review appointment is scheduled. The whole appointment takes about an hour and a half.

You’ll now be able to enjoy your wonderful new smile!


Review of your retainers

At your retainer review appointment, the positions of your teeth and retainer are fully checked to ensure long-term stability and prevent relapse. Further occasional reviews are also recommended. Assessment of aesthetics and potential additional treatments are discussed.

Further improvements

Any additional treatments such as whitening can then be carried out to complete the final aesthetic result.

… very friendly and extremely professional. Would highly recommend to anyone.”

Jeevan Riyait


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