Fees vary depending on the complexity of the case. Patients will be assessed at the consultation and a tailored treatment plan will be presented based on the patients’ needs and requirements. We also offer monthly plans and reports for insurances purposes. Payments can be made with cash or card and we accept all major credit and debit cards. Finance options are available for up to 36 months.

Consultations and Examinations

  New patient examination 

   (Includes 2 x-rays)

  Recall examination

  Childrens examination

   (<18 years)

  Hygiene appointment

  Digital x-rays






General dentistry

  Teeth whitening

   "White beauty" whitening treatment

   Exra whitening gel top-up


   Ceramic crowns

   Gold crowns

   Temporary crown

  Post retention

  Maryland bridge (single retainer)

  Root canal treatment (from)




   Root canal files


   Complete acrylic denture

   Partial acrylic denture

   Partial chrome (metal based)

   Metal base for complete denture (additional)


  Sports guards

  Bite guard

   Soft acrylic biteguard

   Hard acrylic biteguard



  £48 each


  £645 + gold


  from £80 (Gold at cost)

  from £720












  from £115


  from £110

  from £425

Dental Implant Treatment


   New patients  

   Registered patients

  Dental implants 

   Back tooth  

   Front tooth

  Guided bone regeneration

  Bone grafting

  Sinus treatments

   Sinus bone grafting

   Summers lift

  Connective tissue grafting




  from £2850

  from £2950

  from £425

  from £1750

  £1650 (per side)

  from £425

  from £650

Orthodontic treatment


   New patients  

   Registered patients

  Fixed braces 

   Metal conventional braces 

   White ceramic braces

  Lingual braces

   (Fixed braces on the inside)


  Removable orthodontic appliance


   Fixed retainers

   Removable retainers

  Teeth whitening

  Annual review following orthodontic treatment




  from £1395 per arch

  from £1895 per arch


  from £4795 per arch

  from £1450 per arch

  from £495




  Complimentary after orthodontic treatment (>18 years only)